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In today's world the increase on environmental and health consciousness affected all industrial branches including textile sector. Nowadays ecological production of textile items, without damaging  human health and environment became into question. These ecological products enhanced their market share gradually and took place in the market with the name of "Organic Textile". 

In organic textile Organic Cotton is the most common used fiber. Organic product means the one which none of chemical additions are used in any of its growing processes and in this respect it does not threat the human health and environment. The aim is protecting the earths productivity without using genetically modified any toxic, the crossover seed, or continuously usage of insecticide or manure. Construction of the Organic Product which is started with production of the organic foodstuff, later on contained the textile products and ready made cloths and focused on the Cotton which is the main raw material of textile industry. 

Organic Textile Raw material and product, must not release any of toxic residue which is harmful for environment and human health after all operational and finishing processes. The basic dye and auxiliary chemicals must be appropriate to the certain criteria. The definite chemicals must be used with the definite limits. Bio-accumulative and heavy metals usage is prohibited. 

For organic textile production from fiber on the field to finished product whole processes must be ensured appropriateness of "Regulation of Organic Agriculture Conditions and Applications" and must be certified by the authorized certification institutions that are qualified for inspection and certification of organic textile production and raw material.

Deniz Textile can produce organic products that certificated by GOTS Organic Textiles Certification, in its all facilities.