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Any kind of knitted fabric made of cotton, viscose, bamboo, polyester, nylon and mixture of all these fabrics can be dyed based on 30 ton/day practically.

Thanks to dying HT machines, with efficient capacity, which are capable to load up to capacity of 10-1500 kg in the fabric dyeing department, it is possible to achieve dyeing process sufficiently.
All information about production datas of production lots are saved on computer system by using UTAP® production follow up software can be followed by both production and planning team.

Stenter ( Bruckner ), Tube Sanforizing ( Ferraro ), Belt Dryer ( Santex ), Open Width Sanforizing ( Santex - Sperotto ), Openning Slitting, Squeezing Line ( Corino ), Singeing ( Burning ) Machine, Tube Cutting Machine, Raising ( Mario Crosta )