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Our sustainability approach is based on working with a preventive approach that focuses on efficiency and develops preventive approaches by identifying risks, especially environmental risks.

Our management and production structure, our perspective on all the resources we use in our processes are shaped by this focus. Our goal is to effectively and carefully evaluate the limited resources in the world we are in and to produce lasting values ​​that will leave a good future in the sustainability approach.

We see that we are attentive to the world, the environment, humanity, future generations and the respect that we feel for ourselves.

We focus on producing systematic solutions with ISO 14001 Environment and ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems in managerial sense while directing our works with certifications such as Organic Textile and Oeko Tex.

We are collecting collections with the most important sustainable fibers and products in the textile field for sustainable production.

To support sustainability practices in the textile field;

• We use environmentally friendly chemicals and dyes.
• We produce products with recycled fibers.
• We increase our use of organic cotton every day.
• We send our wastes to recycling.
• We are working on process and infrastructure improvement to reduce water consumption.
• We are continuously increasing our BCI cotton usage rate.
• We prefer energy efficient, environmentally friendly technologies in our investments.
• We constantly investigate the possibilities of using green energy sources.

Deniz Tekstil and Baltalı Group give importance to green energy. In this context, we are producing 1.425 Million KWH electricity annually with the Salbakos Solar Power Plant.