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Water Treatment Solar Energy System Activated

Water Treatment Solar Energy System Activated

The system consists of 28 panels with a power of 400 W. The system with a total power of 11.2 kWp DC will work with a 10 kW inverter. The system is expected to produce 47 kWh of energy per day under normal conditions. With the green energy produced, approximately 7% of the energy consumption of the facility will be provided from green energy.

The energy produced will primarily be used for the water treatment system needs. In this system, when there is no need for electricity, it will be fed to other units of the facility or to the grid.

Our Total Solar Power Poduction Capacity Increases
As Deniz Tekstil, the number of Solar Energy System that we have on the roofs of our facilities in accordance with the application continues to increase. Our Solar Energy System’s that we have put into operation so far have been applied in the Dyehouse Facility’s Isiger, Garment Facility’s Parking Lot, Printing Facility’s Organic Fertilizer Machine and Water Treatment areas.

With the latest investment, our total green energy capacity has been formed as follows.

Total Number of Panels: 190
Total Power: 62.2 kWp

In the coming days, the Solar Energy System in our Tavas Confection Facility will also be commissioned.